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aXite Cybersecurity

aXite Cybersecurity

Contact info

Zuid-Hollandlaan 7
2596 AL The Hague

Main Contact
B. Willemsen

aXite, founded in 2013, is a network organization with specialization to the field of security. It concerns both physical and cyber security and the company is involved in various companies with (cyber) security solutions for vital and non-vital infrastructure.

aXite developed a system to monitor data communication at the lowest control level at a specific location / position within industrial environments. This solution could be used for production sites or critical infrastructure. 

aXite improves (cyber)security and production processes using expertise of: 
- Production processes;
- IT, OT, IoT and embedded systems;
- Big Data;
- Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Critical Infrastructure:
As the main focus on defeating cyber risks is mostly oriented on office networks (IT) and websites, aXite starts from the operational heart of the company. 

Security through the lack of external connectivity, the “air gap”, is disappearing as more and more OT devices and sensors that are being connected to the internet to generate and share data. In addition insider threat, physical access or access through trusted ports creates a vulnerable environment for cybercrime, and thus a threat to business continuity. 

Securing these ‘design for purpose’ control systems is very costly and the development of Industry 4.0, the automation and data exchange of production requires specific, but secure solutions. 

How to cost-effective improve security and operational processes and exchange data?

aXite’s answer and solution: Location Based (cyber)Security and Services