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Cyber threat intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence is the task of gathering evidence-based knowledge, including context, actors, mechanisms, indicators, implications and actionable advice, about an existing or emerging threat. That information can then be used to inform decisions regarding a response to that threat. Information can be used to prepare, prevent and detect (identify) cyber threats.

The advantage of cyber threat intelligence is that it can create opportunities for a proactive security strategy and thereby prevent threats from manifesting. Threat intelligence can be gathered in an organisation (for instance based on logbooks of passed attacks), but most often are a combination of one or more sources like open source intelligence, social media intelligence, human intelligence, technical intelligence and intelligence from the deep- and dark web. There are cyber threat intelligence solutions that for instance support the structured gathering of intelligence, supports analysis (aggregate and present data is usable formats) and helps monitoring of threats. By sharing threat intelligence, other users, network partners or a whole sector or geographical area can benefit.

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