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Security Question or Challenge Assistance

The Dutch security cluster HSD can help you solve your cyber security challenges. Does your organisation have a security demand, then we invite you to explore your security challenges with relevant HSD partners. These partners could be experts in a relevant field of security, or peers in similar roles/organisations.

HSD offers three forms of assistance:

  1. One-on-One Connections
    You have a problem that you need help with now. HSD can help you find a solution provider if you contact us via and outline your problem/requested solution. We then connect you to several HSD partners who have the required expertise. HSD ensures that your request is handled privately and only connects you with trusted partners with proven track records.
  2. Special help for SMEs
    SMEs with a cyber security question can contact HSD for assistance in finding an organisation to work with via Do you want to know more about how to prevent cybercrime? Please visit the ‘HSD Academy’ (available soon) providing free of cost digital sessions and all relevant information on the spot.
  3. Consultation Session
    You’re interested in exploring current or emerging security challenges with a couple of experts. If your security problem/challenge is more diffuse, or if you’re interested in developing a multi-dimensional view of the ever-evolving threat landscape, HSD can assist in arranging a consultation with multiple experts. We already did so for many governmental organisations and businesses. Interested? Contact us via

Set-up consultation sessions

The goal of these consultations is to provide participating organisations with a unique and multidimensional view on their security reality. These sessions are aimed at organisations that do not offer security products or services but for whom security is high on the agenda and who have an interest in constant learning to help further their own security practices together with our specialized HSD partners.

HSD offers a secure and trusted environment, moderation of the knowledge sharing session, ensuring that input is actionable and primarily based on expertise sharing, and keeping the session fast-paced and informational (one-on-one, 30 minute sessions).

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