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Data technologies

Data technologies support automated extraction, classification, analysis, presentation and encryption of (big) datasets, including text, images, video and audio. Year by year, humans and machines generate an increasing amount of data. To control and obtain benefit from data, companies and governments need adequate technologies. Data technologies such as Big Data Analysis/Data Science, Video/Image analysis & recognition and Speech and text recognition are specific for data, but also Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, encryption and algorithms are used to manage and protect data sets.

Data technologies are used for a wide variety of activities, for example to support decision-making processes, discover business insights, improve digital marketing and analyse behaviour of humans or machines. The types of deployment are endless: speech recognition used in automated assistants, video analysis by self-driving cars, data science for drug treatments, pattern recogniton for healing patients and predictive analysis for crime fighting. The data technology ecosystem is continuously growing and new technologies come into the picture very rapidly. Collecting the right data and building the right model to interpret it are continued challenges, but also the acceptance of automated decision making, facial recognition, continuous data collection and access to data raise moral and ethical questions. 

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