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Extended detection and response (XDR) solutions

Extended detection and response (XDR) solutions automatically collect and correlate data from multiple security products to improve threat detection and provide an incident response capability. The primary goals of an XDR-solution are to increase detection accuracy and improve security operations efficiency and productivity. XDR is an alternative to more traditional reactive solutions like EDR, NTA and SIEM that provide only layered visibility into an attack. An advantage of XDR-solutions is that they would allow security personnel and allocated budget to be more efficient and simultaneously detect and remedy more threats than other solutions.

To illustrate; a cyber-attack could cause alerts on e-mail, endpoint and network security services, but with an XDR-solution these alerts would be bundled into one incident instead of three different flags. The combination of taking data points from more components can also help detect attacks that consist of multiple smaller intrusions.

Related Keywords: data collection, data correlation, analytics, automation.