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Situational awareness support

Situational awareness is the ability to identify, process and comprehend critical information about an incident in real time. Whilst the term originated from military theory as far back as Sun Tzu, in modern times it can cover cyber-threats, but also technological, man-made or natural accidents and disasters, regardless of whether the target actor is government owned, a private individual or a corporate organisation.

Situational awareness support is a software tool or service which provides a comprehensive overview of relevant information and guidance to decisionmakers during threats and disasters to help informed decision making and ensure the continuity of operations. It often involves an overview of the relevant actors and objects, for instance plotted on a geographic map. Sometimes it is combined with timeline to look back at past events and make extrapolations to the future. Situational awareness support services can range from incident monitoring and supply chain risk monitoring to creating a risk dashboard and general threat overviews.

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