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Serious gaming, simulation, crowds and digital twins

Serious Gaming, also known as wargaming or simply as simulations, is the act of engaging in a game for the purpose other than entertainment. Rather, serious gaming has a strong pedagogical focus. Originally invented by the Prussian army as a low-cost way to train officers and test new tactical and strategic concepts, nowadays serious gaming happens in almost every sector. Serious games in the security domain are used to explore the response(s) of communities to certain security or disaster events in order to explore clearly defined learning outcomes, intended lessons or moral for that game. Serious gaming differs from gamification in that sense that the core exercise of serious gaming takes the shape of a game, rather than adding game elements to an existing curriculum to heighten engagement, which is the case in gamification. Some examples of topics that are commonly explored in corporate serious games are corporate image and reputation management, (cyber) security responses, coalition and network shaping and negotiations.

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