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Warding off REvil: How to keep ransomware gangs out of your company

The shock that hit Kaseya was felt all around the world. The massive cyberattack conducted by infamous ransomware gang REvil affected hundreds of businesses in over a dozen countries. Its ransom demand of $70 million is the largest in history.

This news shocked even experts and analysts at Group-IB who have been closely monitoring REvil affiliates and establishing their modus operandi. If we are to learn anything from the Kaseya incident, it is that understanding how REvil and its affiliates operate is more important than ever. Without this knowledge, there is no guarantee that you won’t be the next victim.

What you’ll get by tuning in to this webinar:

  • An overview of today’s Ransomware-as-a-Service threat landscape
  • The REvil collective’s profile based on Group-IB’s expert analysis
  • A complete breakdown of the group’s latest TTPs
  • Recommendations for technical and business leaders on how to stop REvil