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Navigating Healthcare Cyber Attacks During a Pandemic

Over the last year, a widespread disruption rocked the healthcare industry due to the coronavirus pandemic. Ensuring sufficient healthcare capacity and resources are complex issues facing many healthcare organisations, but they must also address the increase of cybersecurity threats. A variety of intricate and coordinated cyber-attacks, many from red flag countries, are targeting the healthcare industry. Stealing intellectual property such as data related to vaccine development is just one example. 

Cybercriminals are seeking to capitalise on the vulnerabilities of this industry as it can provide a very lucrative reward for their efforts. In this executive dialogue, Anomali spoke to Tony Clarke, VP of IT Operations & Infosecurity at Marken, to discuss how the healthcare industry has weathered the storm of COVID-19. 

Tony shares: 

  • His experience securing the various stages of the vaccine rollout
  • Observations on COVID-19 related cyber campaigns including phishing and ransomware
  • His involvement in the H-ISAC and how you can strategically utilise your industry ISAC

View the webinar to hear from an industry expert working to keep healthcare data and vaccine development safe.