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IDnext Lunch Break

On Thursday 2 December from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm IDnext is organizing the online IDnext Lunch Break co-hosted by the University of Amsterdam.

Prof.dr. Ed Peelen will bring you up to speed on the topic:

“Privacy: too important to restrict to a legal perspective”

What does privacy mean to a person? How important is it for someone to keep in check who is admitted to the private domain? In today's physical and hybrid world, we explore this topic from an historical, ethical and socio-psychological  perspective. And of course we provide plenty of examples!

Also: how do people handle their privacy? What do they think and feel, and how do they act?

On the basis of this analysis the following points will be discussed:

- what protection the GDPR offers individuals to manage their personal data, and thus part of their privacy. 

- what role organisations aim for to help warrant the privacy of individuals.  

Ed Peelen is professor in content marketing at the University of Amsterdam and academic director of the UvA Academy / Faculty of Social Sciences. With a background in CRM (originally direct marketing) he has been dealing with privacy issues since many years. Last year he composed the book Privacy in broader perspective; highlighting privacy from both ethical, psychological, technical, economic and legal angle. Furthermore he is involved with the Privacy Masterclass of the UvA Academy and Berghauser Pont.

During the lunch session he will discuss the deeper meaning of privacy for human beings, the way people manage their online identity, control the way they share data and the privacy risks exposed to… and what this might or might not ask of organisations, having a legal or moral responsibility to safeguard private persons privacy…