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Cybercrime Con 2021

CyberCrimeCon is Group-IB’ trademark annual event that assembles cybersecurity analysts, law enforcement representatives, independent researchers, forensic experts united by the same idea — zero tolerance for cybercrime. The conference has been serving as a venue for the free exchange of data, ideas and opinions among the industry thought leaders with a view of reducing the global exposure to cyber risks and online crimes.

To meet the global demand for the high-fidelity data on the international threat landscape and reliable forecasts for its future development, this year, Group-IB’s event will for the first time be divided into five streams. For one day only, CISOs, CIOs, threat hunters & threat researchers, incident responders and investigators, SOC experts, TI analysts, pentesters, and other stakeholders worldwide will be able to become participants of an open-minded dialogue on the most acute cybercrime trends, peer learning and sharing of insights into the cybercriminal scene.

Event topics:

• Presentation of the most significant cybercrime trends of the past year and actionable forecasts for the future

• Ransomware market news: the emerging trend of rebranding

• Presentations by international law enforcement agencies — INTERPOL and Europol

• “The world’s most harmful cybercrime group”: insights into EvilCorp’s activities

• Cyber spies: research into previously unknown APT group behind attacks on energy, aviation, and gov’t sectors

• The evolution of the sales of access to corporate networks into a major success factor behind ransomware outbreak

• Cyberwarfare: how do cyber intelligence operations look like online?

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