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Crowd management

Crowd management is the process by which large groups of people are managed. Signage (the use of signs and symbols), public address (PA) systems (including microphones, amplifiers, and related equipment), electronic systems, event hosts and security personnel are all involved in the management of crowds. Crowd management software and decision support systems can also be applied.

Since crowds have a different dynamic than individuals, they require a different approach, but similar technologies can be applied. Where crowd management is the passive monitoring and managing of a large group of people, crowd control is the active directing of a crowd of people and shares more commonalities with riot control. Therefore, crowd management is implemented during for example festivals, events and carnivals, whilst crowd control is implemented during riots, demonstrations and protests. Common methods include the use of crowd control barriers, fences, security personnel but also entertainment. When things get out of control, more stern methods can be applied such as the use of tear gas, water cannons and police horses.

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