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2021’s Challenges Highlight the Need for Intelligence-Based Cyber Defense

| Author: EclecticIQ

Cybersecurity stole more of the spotlight in 2021 than even in years past as part of a global dialogue spanning from national government headquarters to individual households. This deeper level of penetration arrived with good reason. A series of successful attacks proved highly disruptive for the public and governments unprepared to respond to far-reaching cyber threats. EclecticIQ examined the year in cybersecurity and found this tumultuous year followed the path of existing attack trends yet proved disruptive enough to warrant more and stronger responses than in years prior. Here three of the most impactful issues to emerge from 2021 are discussed: highly disruptive attacks, supply chain attacks, and increased public attention to combatting cybercrime and regulating cryptocurrency as a de facto tool of the cybercrime trade.

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