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Modernising Security Operations - Webinar

Security Operations Centers (SOCs) have not changed much in the last 25 years. SOCs often suffer from the same set of core problems:

  • Demanding and difficult-to-meet expectations
  • Analyst burnout
  • Expensive technology that struggles to cope with exploding data and cloud adoption

KPMG in Singapore believes it is time to change this state of affairs, by modernizing Security Operations with Chronicle, part of Google Cloud. 

Chronicle is a global security telemetry platform that can accelerate your SOC transformation with a potential for cost savings. And they would like to show you how this can add value to you.

Find out how you can take SOCs forward.

KPMG is pleased to present KPMG’s insights on Modernising Security Operations. Conducted via a live webinar on 14 May, this webinar offers insights on how security operations are changing, followed by expert analyses of how Chronicle can help you.

This session covers the following:

  • What are the core security operations problems?
  • What does a modern SOC look like and how does it address these problems?
  • How can Chronicle solve the big technology issues in SOCs and why do analysts love it?