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Digital Risk Summit 2021

Join Group-IB Digital Risk Summit to hear about the latest global trends from industry experts, dive deep into new technologies, get insights from practical use cases and discover our next-level Digital Risk Protection solution.

The Summit brings together independent analysts, cybersecurity experts, and companies from various industries to share practical ideas. Group-IB Digital Risk Summit is intended for a variety of participants: CISOs, CIOs, marketing officers, legal and compliance teams, digital content creators, incident responders and investigators, and more.

Event hosts:

  • Dmitry Tunkin (Group-IB)
  • Camill Cebulla (Group-IB)

Keynote speakers:

  • Marjon Leggedoor (ABN Amro Bank)
  • Mac Esmilla (World Vision International)
  • Pascal Hetzscholdt (Wiley publishing company)
  • Jinan Budge (Forrester)
  • Bojan Simetic (United Nations International Computing Centre)
  • Prof. Jorij Abraham (Ecommerce Foundation/
  • Latit Bhakuni (ABN Amro Bank)

To watch the summit, please click here