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Data Sovereignty Now Webinar: Unleashing the benefits of data in line with European values

On 15 October 2020, The Data Sovereignty Now movement hosted a webinar on how to unleash the benefits of data, in line with European values. If you weren’t able to make it to the webinar, the recording is available below.

The Data Sovereignty Now movement wants to share three key takeaways from the webinar, in the hopes that they might help you better understand the importance and meaning of data sovereignty, and how to obtain it.


The Data Sovereignty Now movement believes that the digital economy as it is known today is at risk because data is not under our direct control. They believe the only way to combat this, to release the full potential of data and build a solid and sustainable foundation for the next phase of the digital economy is to:

  1. Make ‘data sovereignty’ the central design principle of the data economy as a whole and a prerequisite for every organisation’s own data architecture.
  2. Create a (‘soft’) infrastructure for decentralised data sharing based upon European values, built on a sound, secure and unified consent mechanism that works every entity, a person, business or government for example.
  3. Focus on adoption of data sovereignty by organisations and end users, rather than prescribing necessary technology. Support businesses, governments and their IT departments / partners in offering data sovereignty functionalities to their users, based on open and well governed standards.