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A Year in Review of The Most Widely Used Malicious Command & Control Infrastructure

Malicious command and control families and tools can be tough to keep an eye on. Identifying and monitoring suspicious servers is a tall order. Sometimes "suspicious" hosting providers can turn out to be false positives, and servers that seem innocuous can pose a greater threat than you'd imagine.

Fortunately, Recorded Future has some fresh insight to keep you up to speed.

Watch Recorded Future’s world class intelligence experts in this on-demand session for an in-depth review of the findings from our recently completed research report, Adversary Infrastructure Report 2020: A Defender’s View. This will include a first-look at the novel indicators and intelligence not otherwise available in the public domain.

Watch the on-demand session to get an inside look into:

  • Key 2020 findings related to over 10,000 unique command and control servers, across more than 80 families
  • Best practices for proactive detection, ongoing monitoring, and defense-in-depth approaches to adversary infrastructure
  • The 2021 outlook for C2s, and what you can do to stay ahead