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Deloitte Future of Cyber Survey

Conducting our survey at this time, when businesses have been forced to respond to an unprecedented global challenge, has proven uniquely instructive. Complexity is here to stay. Hybrid work environments are becoming a fixture, the cloud is growing in importance to almost every type of enterprise and as devices and applications evolve they are evermore connected. There is no choice but to gain greater visibility across ecosystems lacking clearly defined perimeters. The stakes—be they operational disruption, reputational loss or deflated equity valuations—are too high. Just as complexity is the problem, the solutions are also far from simple.

This year, the survey expanded beyond leaders with direct oversight for cyber to include those who should be cyber’s greatest champions: CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CIOs and CISOs. Their sentiments are similar to one another, with variations seen across geographies and industries.

Download the survey here