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Research Webinar: The Threat of Open Directories

A directory works like a digital filing cabinet, organising folders and files such as invoices, back-ups, important mail, IP, and more. Having this operate via the cloud means you can access your files from anywhere. However, some directories lack security, also known as open directories, and are accessible to more people than you would like.

How do hackers look for these open directories? And what kind of data can they access? CISO Vincent Thiele and ethical hacker & Security Analyst Soufian El Yadmani have conducted research into open directories – finding over 475,000 of them.

In this webinar, they walk you through how a hacker looks for open directories and what their study discovered. Vincent and Soufian explain where most open directories can be found, what types of files are accessible, and how you can detect your open directories and secure them.